Coaching Confidence

Understanding the Script

Role play may reverse your position in the car, but you remain the teacher and in charge
Teaching Targets

In The Post

Diversifying and offering post-test driver training is a way of generating extra income and safer drivers
Intelligent Answers

Check out these frequently asked questions

Check out these frequently asked questions from ADIs & PDIs from across the industry on a range of issues and topics
Coaching Confidence

Who Am I?

Our role is as a teacher, but that can also, for good and for bad, involve role playing
Business Minutes

Tip Top, Top Cat

‘Look after the pennies then the pounds will look after themselves’. But, in reality, you have to be a little more proactive
Business Matters

Dynamic Pricing

Who should you blame if you are charging too little for lessons?
Look Who's Talking

Gareth Llewellyn

Chief Executive of the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, gives us some insight into his thoughts on the industry
Smarter Focus

No.4: Turning Right Pt:1

Okay pop pickers, this series analyses the ‘Top 10’ test failures, giving you some tips on teaching to help pupils avoid them in the future
The Debate

Has ‘pay per mile’ got wheels?

Philip Gomm - Head of External Comms, RAC Foundation and Mike Rutherford - Motoring Editor, Writer & Broadcaster, give us their views