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New app launches giving instructors more freedom and less stress

Now that the industry has picked up again after the standstill last summer, lessons are back in full swing. As…

Young Driver Focus '21

Seeing is Believing

Let’s start with the same fact that kicks off almost every article on young drivers. Young drivers in Great Britain…

Better Training

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ADI training where to next?

A lot has changed over the years, but has training kept up?

Changing young drivers minds

3. The Opportunities Develop Rapport and trust by understanding teenagers Trust, and respect are key. Many people believe that young…

Better Training

Changing young driver minds pt2

2. It’s Only Natural Did you know teenagers are supposed to take risks? As a society, we educate teenagers in…

Better Training

Changing young driver minds

1. A Change of Behaviour   Helping teenagers G.R.O.W. to make safer choices In this series of articles, I am…


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Spreading the sweetness

  We don’t need to tell anyone how challenging the past year has been for so many people and particularly…

Look Who's Talking

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Lynne Barrie: Surviving the pandemic

In the craziness of this last eleven months, organisations such as the ADINJC have been at the forefront of providing…


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Smart Angel

The safety of Smart Motorways has once again been called into question, after a coroner found two men had been…