The Techtician

Get a grip

If you’ve not noticed the somewhat aggressive and abrupt change to the seasons, you’ve either been locked in a box somewhere or the prevailing political conditions mean your mind has effectively been lost there!
Youthful Thinking

Unwrapping common sense

Somehow, we’ve reached the end of another year and into the festive season. In the road safety world this is the time when the drink drive message is at its strongest, but offending at its highest.

Dipod 165

In this marathon-length podcast we tackle Roundabouts, voice concerns over new drivers, the use of electronic devices and listen to the Big Learner Relay Choir!
The Debate

Should the motorway speed limit be raised to 80mph?

Howard Cox Founder, FairFuelUK Campaign and Nicholas Lyes Head of Roads Policy, RAC give us their thoughts

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Are automatic licenses the future for driving lessons?

Recent figures show that around 40% of all new cars sold are fitted with an automatic gearbox. That’s 70% more than it was just ten short years ago. In fact, there are now over 8.5 million automatic cars on Britain’s roads.

Road Angel

On a mission to be your guardian behind the wheel and make roads safer
Buying vs Leasing

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Driving instructors – buying or leasing?

As a driving instructor, especially if you are independent and run your own driving school, you will likely face an…

Look Who's Talking

Christian Borchardt

The recent Intelligent Instructor Awards had one clear winner when it came to the best driving instructor

Dipod 164

In this show we look at the importance of being patient and how we get that across to our pupils.
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