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Driving instructors – buying or leasing?

As a driving instructor, especially if you are independent and run your own driving school, you will likely face an…

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Christian Borchardt

The recent Intelligent Instructor Awards had one clear winner when it came to the best driving instructor

Dipod 164

In this show we look at the importance of being patient and how we get that across to our pupils.
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The Debate

Reduce rural speed limits from 60mph to 50mph?

In an ideal world, there’s no need for speed limits if all drivers are highly trained, alert and considerate. As we know, most drivers don’t hit those standards.

Pass N Go

The family facing driving school that’s all about finding your happy
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No Time for a Holiday

In the fullness of time, we’ll learn more about the cause of Thomas Cook’s demise, but the consensus points to a failure to understand the changing marketplace.
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Tracey Hammett

For the first time in their history, the elite Institute of Master Tutors of Driving (IMTD) presented four special awards to individuals and organisations for their special contribution to driver training and road safety