A huge part of your marketing will involve reaching out to new customers online.

In a very competitive industry it can be extremely challenging finding a way to stand out from the crowd, let alone keep up to speed in both function and style, technology and trends. Just a year can make a real difference to results and responses, none of us can afford to be complacent.

The following are my ‘tips of the trade’:


Showcase positive achievements and accreditations. For example, the number of students you’ve taught, your experience, CPD etc. These facts give users confidence and trust in you, your professional abilities and your business. A modern, clean and professional website, free of bugs and technical issues, makes a big difference in making you look professional and reliable.


Reviews by previous customers play a huge role in building trust and converting enquiries into new cutomers, even if you have been recommended. Adding the independent authority of review platforms like Trustpilot, Reviews.co.uk or Feefo is even more influential and effective.


Learning to drive can be daunting and many users are probably worried about a whole range of other challenges from finance to time commitments. It is important to tailor your content to be empathetic to this audience. Showing understanding through your experience online and providing a helping hand and guidance throughout the process will help build your credibility as a professional, along with the expertise that they’re looking for. Offer softer conversion points throughout the site, for example, utilising your FAQ page on your website and offering the opportunity for them to ask ‘Any other questions’, or ‘Send us an email for free advice’. It builds confidence in you and your approachability.


In a competitive market, questions are inevitable as potential customers compare and choose. Ensure your site answers the most common questions and that you are open to answering anything they need to know. This boosts credibility and builds trust.


Include a clear ‘call to action’ throughout the website by providing an obvious contact button and details. The easier it is for someone to contact you, the more likely it is they will.


Give a little something for free. Providing useful content to users on their journey towards a driving licence can help them map their route forward with you, encouraging repeat visits to your site and building authority and trust. Free guides and tutorials can also provide softer conversion points for those still undecided.


Learning to drive is a very personal experience, so it is important to put a human face and voice to your website. Personal stories, videos and case studies will help build a picture of the kind of service that you provide.


Two thirds of new learners are accessing the internet via their smartphone, so it’s essential your website is mobile-friendly. It must be quick loading, fast, responsive and easy to navigate. Attention spans are short, tolerance levels low.