The fully electric Fiat 500 hatchback is leading Europe’s EV sales race in April as overall new car registrations decline by 20%.

The latest regional sector report from Jato Dynamics showed that Fiat’s new EV had topped the zero emissions charts last month. It beats popular products from Tesla and the Volkswagen Group.  Component supply shortages continue to stymie registrations in the wider market.

The result come as Fiat announce it will look to end sales of all non-electrified products from July 1.

Concerning decline

It is not just the UK that is suffering faltering new car sales. European new car registrations declined 20% to 821,000 units last month as shortages triggered a similar 18% drop in the US. Meanwhile,  China experienced a decline of 48% amid a resurgence in COVID-19 issues.

The result leaves the European new car market down 13% year-to-date at to 3.55 million units. This is its second worst performance since the same period in 1991.

Global sales falter

Jato’s global analyst Felipe Munoz, says: “It’s concerning to see European sales falling at such a rate despite the global easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

“The worst of the pandemic damaged sales for several months, but the chip shortage looks set to be even more sustained in its impact on the market.”

Even fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles delivered a decline in registrations during April. Buying incentives are shifting away from plug-in hybrids (PHEV) to support pure EVs.

Registrations of zero emissions capable vehicles dropped 1.4% year-on-year, to 154,219 units overall, as EV demand increased 13% to 83,000 units but PHEV sales declined 15%.

Changing times

Stellantis (including Fiat) led Europe’s EV registrations race for the first-time during April, at 16,600 units or 20% of the market.

Volkswagen Group’s volume fell 37% following production issues at its plants. Hyundai/Kia took 15.1% of the market, marking an increase in volume of 61%.

Year-to-date, Volkswagen is out in front with 18.2% of the EV market.

Stellantis follows in second place with 15.7%. Its Peugeot e208 took second place following Fiat’s e-500 in the EV rankings.

Tesla came in at third place with a EV market share of almost 15%.