From the DVSA:

Fuel efficient driving will become a driving fault instead of being an educational assessment on ADI part 2 tests from the 4th April.

The change is being brought in to encourage new ADIs to learn the skills they need to help teach new drivers the skills to drive with economy and the environment in mind.

Teaching your pupils about fuel efficient driving

You can find out more about the aspects of fuel efficient driving on GOV.UK which include:

• planning well ahead to avoid unnecessary stopping
• select appropriate gears
• avoiding harsh us of the controls
• avoiding over-revving the engine

You can also find more tips for fuel efficient driving in our official resources available from the Safe Driving for Life website. You can also find tips for efficient driving from the Energy Saving Trust.

The guidance for ADI part 2 test will be updated to reflect the change from 19 April 2022

Registrar substitution

Also from Monday 4 April, the current Deputy ADI Registrar Nick Taylor will temporarily take over from Jacqui Turland as ADI Registrar.

Jacqui will temporarily move to work on an important project to improve our driving test booking service.

The project aims to make it quicker and easier to schedule driving examiner availability, so that test appointments are shown on the booking service more quickly. These changes will improve the service we offer to you and your pupils.

What is next

As part of this work, we will be carrying out research with all users which includes learner drivers, driving instructors, training schools and our own colleagues to give us feedback on the current driving test booking service.

This will help us to achieve our goal of providing great services for all our users. We will keep you updated on our progress.