From the DVSA:

DVSA has published a brand new Deaf Candidate Pack.

This pack is a tool that will be used by examiners when conducting practical car tests for deaf candidates.

It has been developed using feedback from our candidates, examiners and instructors.

We’re thrilled to say that the pack has also been supported and endorsed by a number of external stakeholders including the Royal Association for Deaf People, the Disability Driving Instructors Association, Driving Mobility, Driving Instructors Association, Motor Schools Association of Great Britain and Approved Driving Instructors National Joint Council.

More about the pack

The pack features written instructions, cues and visual prompt cards to help examiners communicate with candidates and explain the process of the test.

This will help ensure a consistent experience for test candidates, with the pack being freely available ahead of their test date – to help them prepare and put them at ease.

When we’ll be using the pack

All our Driving Examiners across Great Britain have already been introduced to the pack and trained in its uses.

Therefore, from this point onwards, it will be used if they conduct a test for a deaf candidate.

Examiners may still use other forms of communication upon the request of the candidate, such as lip reading or British Sign Language, where possible.

How you can use the pack

Please feel free to read the pack yourself, so you understand what your pupil may experience during their test.

You are also very welcome to download a copy of the pack for your own training purposes, though please be aware that we may update the pack over time. <LINK>

You may find it especially useful to familiarise your candidate with the pack ahead of the test, and use it during any mock tests you perform with your pupil.

We value your feedback

After the pack has been used for a period of time, we will contact you for feedback on its usefulness and contents. We’ll also gather the thoughts of candidates, examiners and members of the deaf community.