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Starting with ways of confidence building, there will be a small amount of theory for understanding why strategies work, followed by group brainstorming ideas for confidence-building guided by the theory. Next focusing on calming nerves when things become stressful in lessons and for test day prep, Tracey will demonstrate calming techniques followed by the opportunity to practice. Giving you the experience to choose which techniques to use in your business

Tracey is a co-founder of Confident Drivers a website aimed at transforming the way nervous drivers feel through online stress management techniques and e-learning courses. Tracey has a diploma in stress management, has qualified as a Mindfulness teacher and is in the final year of her psychology degree with the Open University. There is no one size fits all solution, so Tracey encourages nervous learners to reflect back on where nerves and confidence issues started and how they are experienced to then help choose the most suitable and effective solution for them.

5 things you’ll learn

  1. Learn theory of confidence building
  2. Choose strategies from group brainstorming you will use with your students
  3. Demonstration & practice of techniques for calming nerves
  4. Create your own toolbox of techniques you feel comfortable sharing with your students
  5. Handouts and resources to refer to in the future.

Date: Friday, 20th November 6pm-8:30pm

Session price: £30 +VAT

Session length: 2.5 hours

Max attendees: 35

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