Over 100 ADIs were asked: “What most frustrates you about running your business?” Nearly every instructor mentioned admin, with the group spending on average 30 minutes to an hour on admin every day – time they felt could be better spent on the road.

Another common answer was “cancellations”. Most faced at least one or two late cancellations a week.

Midrive’s new free instructor app provides instructors with a solution. This self-contained tool helps you manage your calendar, communicate with learners and (most importantly!) lead an easier life. It’s available on Android and iOS, works for both independents and franchisees and (unlike other apps) is free forever.

Featuring a 7-day calendar view, in-app chat and earnings summary, it sends out driving lesson reminders to learners so you don’t have to. It can notify learners automatically when you have arrived at their location. And if you’ve had a last-minute cancellation, it can instantly notify all your learners to fill the slot.

Reg Theodotou is just one ADI who’s made the switch from paper to technology after over 12 years:

“I have now completely stopped using my paper diary. I spend a lot less time chasing learners and it’s much easier to make changes to lessons or set up a repeated weekly booking. I’d recommend the Midrive app to everyone!”

Why not give it a try? It’s the new must-have app for every ADI.

Download the free ‘Midrive Instructor’ app on the App Store or Google Play.