A spate of recent high profile attacks such as that on comedian Michael McIntyre, has led to a surge in interest in a course focused on defensive driving and security.

The course delivered by a security company Croma Security Solutions.

“Awareness and preparation are the biggest weapons in your armoury against violent crime,” says Roberto Fiorentino, CEO of Croma Security Solutions, which recruits ex-special forces instructors to teach tactical driving courses.

Croma’s clients include ultra high-net-worth individuals and their families, as well as government officials and members of royal families who face an everyday risk of abduction on home turf as well as overseas.

“Boxing yourself in can make you a sitting target, so always leave enough room around your vehicle so that you can pull away quickly,” advises Fiorentino. “If you can’t, raise the alarm by using your horn repeatedly, and if you are trapped, do not to fight back. No Rolex, or car, is worth risking your life for.”

Would you consider a course like this? Or is it something you’d recommend to a learner who is fortunate to be in a position to purchase a high end car?

You can read the full article from the Sunday Times’ Driving section – here