So what’s going to happen when more autonomous vehicles take to the streets?

To be honest we don’t know, but driving instructors in Japan have decided to future proof their businesses, by forming the ‘Driving School Drone Consortium’ and qualifying as drone flying instructors.

I’m sure we’ve all seen them either at big events like concerts or even the small most of us have received as presents at Xmas (yes the ones that break after one crash).

The requirement for new instructors in Japan to teach commercially required drones has increased exponentially, so driving instructors have diversified and stepped up.

With so many potential dangers with flying drones at events (falling hazard) or near airports (collisions), the UK government have been discussing the current rules around drones and what level of training you should have for each size.

It’s a unique idea and we applaud the forward thinking of our colleagues in Japan, however we’re not 100% convinced large numbers of driving instructors will swap wheels for propeller blades.

That being said the sky is the limit!