The following has been provided by the ADINJC.

Their ambassador in Scotland put out the latest report for Scottish based ADIs.


Another strong day of funding approvals with List 1 now 67% complete, and List 2 now 44% complete. And in other good news, the only ADI we were aware of to be rejected twice, has now been approved.

However, in light of new information regarding some applications going missing, we have updated our guidance to those people who have received no communication from UMI/Scot Gov since their original application for the MCCS Grant.

If your initial application was rejected or if you have received no follow up to it, please call 0300 303 0660 *and* submit an Enquiry Form. As more ADIs are being approved, it appears to be getting easier to get through and we’re seeing calls being returned after a couple of hours. If your application has been lost, you will be invited to reapply.

We are not advising everyone to reapply where possible at this time, because we know that not everyone’s application has been lost. Every day we are seeing approvals for ADIs who have received no communication since week one. There remains a balance to be struck between pressuring the service provider and not creating further delays. This advice could change, but not yet.

We will inform Scot Gov of this latest change of advice to ADIs.

Please remember that the closing date for *brand new* applications is 11.59pm on 23rd March 2021.

*Breaking News!*

Following a hastily arranged meeting this morning, Scot Gov has requested that we urgently pass on the following information.

1) Scot Gov is concerned about the reports of missing applications to the MCCS grant. Our contact is clear that as far as he is aware, no data has been lost, and UMI were at pains to reassure him of this. He has requested that we pass on information from people who have been advised in this way, and we have assisted to the best of our ability.
A gap exists in UMI’s case processing, where a percentage of applicants have been emailed inviting them to reapply, but no second application has appeared. It is possible that people are missing these email invitations due to spam settings, or that incorrect email addresses are making their way into the system.
As note above already, the advice to applicants who have received no word at all following an initial rejection or initial application is to call 0300 303 0660 and complete the Enquiry Form. We also advise checking your spam & junk folders before doing this.

2) Scot Gov is clear that every effort will be made to contact the people affected by this “gap” and ensure that 2nd applications are processed and funds delivered to all eligible ADIs.

3) We will receive official confirmation of these figures, but it appears to date that over 1500 Scottish ADIs have received the grant – £6m.

4) There are an estimated 4.2k duplicate applications in the system that are taking additional time to process, however, it is believed that around 60% of all applications have been processed. Every day 500 new applications are being received, which is not helping clear the backlog.


Stewart Lochrie:


Thanks to the ADINJC.