Ray Seagrave is a well-respected industry award-winning trainer. He has been passionate around helping others achieve goals and be the best they can be throughout his career. Having joined the industry as an ADI 11 years ago from a successful client- centred business background, Ray is now a Grade ‘A’ (51/51) ORDIT registered trainer and has been a Grade ‘A’ ADI since the first introduction of the Standards Check.

Ray has helped hundreds of ADI’s, PDI’s and those new to the industry achieve by focusing them on their personal goals and developing strengths around their professional development. He delivers instructor training on Part 3 and Standards Check success, teaching skills, in-car coaching and client-centred training techniques to Instructor associations, independent driving schools, ADI’s and PDI’S all over the country.

A deep dive into the skills required to plan an A Grade driving lesson around the DVSA National Standards and competencies. Ray covers a detailed look at how lessons are structured around the pupil, their goals, needs and all abilities. Not just at the beginning of the lesson but throughout.

Five takes outs delegates will get from this session:

  1. Coaching conversations that help pupils discover solutions around problems.
  2. Lesson structure and working ‘inside’and ‘outside’the goal. What it is and how it structures what you do with very little effort.
  3. Goal setting like a pro!‘Doing junctions’ is NOT an adequate goal. Find out why.
  4. Discover how ‘less is more’ and by simplifying what you do helps pupils learn faster.
  5. How listening puts adapting the lesson on autopilot and leaves the pupil feeling happy every lesson that they have made progress.

Session duration: 2 hours

Session date & time: 6-8pm, Monday 27 June 2022

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