Stuck for what to get your kids this Christmas? Harrods has given centre stage to one big little idea.

Although, with Harrods in the mix, you know this is only for those with plenty of spare cash

Back to the future

The Little Car Company has launched its ‘Bugatti Baby II’, a limited-edition vehicle on show ad available through  the iconic Knightsbridge luxury store.

Motoring magic takes pride of place in the Technology area of  the iconic Knightsbridge luxury store. Built in partnership with Bugatti, the Bugatti Baby II is a contemporary tribute to Ettore Bugatti’s original masterpiece – the Bugatti Baby, built in 1926. The vehicle was developed to celebrate Bugatti’s 110th anniversary. It is not only significant in preserving the history of the Bugatti marque, but also inspiring a new generation of Bugatti enthusiasts.

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, says the company is “incredibly honoured” to sharing two great names – Bugatti and Harrods. “This is an unbelievable milestone for The Little Car Company and testament to the handcraftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into producing these incredible junior cars.”

Big ideas

The car is built to 75% scale. However, the purchaser gets a full scale factory tour . Lovingly hand built to each customer’s exacting specifications, only 500 of the bespoke Baby II models will be produced.

It is available in three versions: Base, Vitesse and Pur Sang. The Pur Sang offers the same powertrain as the Vitesse but with beautiful, hand-formed aluminium bodywork. Using the same traditional coachbuilding techniques as the original Bugatti Type 35, each aluminium body takes more than two hundred hours of skilled craftsmanship to create.

Performance lives up to the Bugatti name too. Offered exclusively in rear-wheel drive, all versions have a fully electric powertrain, high performance hydraulic brakes and selectable driving modes. The Base model comes with two modes; Novice (limited to 20kph/12mph) and 1kW/1.3bhp),  and Expert (limited to 45 kph/30mph and 4kW/5.4bhp).

The Vitesse and Pur Sang models include the same driving modes, but also offer extra performance from an upgraded powertrain. The legendary Bugatti Speed Key enables up to 10kW (13.4 bhp) and with an all-up weight of just 230kg, achieving a top speed of 70kph (42mph). Depending on the weight of the driver, 0-60 kph is dispatched in just six seconds.

Christmas for Easter

Of course, none of this comes from the stores bargain in. The Bugatti Baby starts from €30,000. Alongside that, your bespoke order takes some time to complete, by hand. Order now and you can hope for and Easter delivery .
Spec and prices are available here:

Happy Christmas.