Over the 35 years it has built up a huge portfolio of contacts and experience when it comes to vehicle procurement, maintenance and affiliated industries.

At the recent launch of the Dualdrive brand, Dan Tattersall, Dualdrive’s Head of Business, said car leasing in this industry had “not kept pace” with expectations and that these were views based on “detailed research among our own customers and ADIs”.

What this means in real terms is that the business has utilised its specialist experience in the driving instructor and dual control market, aiming to provide the fastest and most flexible offering at the best price.

Dualdrive are guaranteeing that they will match or beat any other dual control car lease package. They also claim to provide the most efficient and effective whole package for the busy ADI, including fast delivery within seven days, temporary replacement vehicle back-up within 24 hours, as well as flexible and bespoke contracts.

They can guarantee you’ll get:

  • Price Guarantee
  • Flexible Contract Options
  • Tyres at 3mm
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Free Delivery & Collection

PLUS all quotes include fitted He-Man dual controls, maintenance & breakdown cover and free delivery & collection.

What’s more, the contracts are flexible in length, from 6 – 48 months, and if your mileage limit needs adjusting after the first three months (on contracts 12+ months) in order to avoid excess mileage charges, this can be arranged without penalties. It can all help cut the stress of getting a new training vehicle. Renewal customers are also offered ‘50% off’ admin fees and a free tank of fuel on delivery.

Dualdrive also claims to be the first specialist leasing business to provide a unique deal for PDIs. Dan Tattersall advised these include “shorter leasing periods and we don’t require an upfront security deposit”. The PDI package is a 6-month lease on new or nearly new vehicles with no upfront fees. Dan continued “This short-term commitment means that if they find the ADI life doesn’t suit them, or the vehicle isn’t right for them, they’re not stuck with a vehicle they no longer want or need.”

Dualdrive believes they have provided an unbeatable package of offers catering for those just starting out in the industry, to the seasoned ADI, providing full, flexible support, as well as a more “cost effective” alternative to buying and maintaining your own training vehicle.

Intelligent Instructor have made it very easy for you to enquire about, or lease, your next vehicle simply by clicking here and filling in a few details about the car you are thinking of. One of their friendly team will then call you at the agreed time to further understand your requirements.

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