Drivers are being warned to watch out for these lazy shortcuts when taking their car into the garage for a service.

A small minority of garages reportedly don’t take the wheels off your car and instead simply peer through the alloys to check on the condition of the components within.

Failing to do a “wheels off” service means mechanics won’t be able to see if your brake pads are loose or broken – which could leave you at risk on the road.

Not only could these common shortcuts made by unscrupulous centres put you in danger, they could leave you with hefty repair bills later down the line.

While most mechanics are professionals who wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of your lack of knowledge, following a couple of simple tips should protect you from some bad apples that have made many drivers distrustful:

  1. When taking your car in, check the garage job sheet thoroughly. This will let you know what should be covered by your service
  2. Watch the service from the viewing area  if you’re concerned some important checks might be missed

It might be well worth your wait, too, as repair bills of things that could be overlooked in a routine check-up could soon run into the thousands of pounds.

Replacing a faulty fuel filter could cost you £1,000, while issues stemming from an overlooked broken cambelt or gearbox could see you require a whole new engine, or even a new car.

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