The Guild of Mindful Driver Trainers is led by San Harper who is a practising grade A ADI and mindfulness UK trained teacher who specialises in mindfulness and compassion in driver training. San not only teaches mindfulness and compassion, it has permeated every aspect of her life from using a mindfulness based approach to her driver training to devising and delivering mindfulness courses for corporate global teams online. San is also an active member of the Mindful Workplace Community which forms part of the Mindfulness Initiative; a think tank for mindfulness interventions from the workplace to schools. San has looked to some of the country’s leading experts in the fields of mindfulness in schools as well as mindfulness in road safety to bring you scientific research as well as practical tools to enable you to learn skills and develop a mindfulness-based approach to being a driver trainer.

Session description
Like many of us, if someone tells San Harper she should try something new, she needs to know why! She’s not prepared to simply take their word for it. She likes to ask lots of questions such as;
How does it work?
Why does it work?
and Why should I try it?
San Harper explains Mindfulness in a way that answers the questions you might want to ask. She knows that like her; people like to understand how things work before buying into the idea. In this session San will be busting the myths and explaining the science. She’ll also share the Research and explain what Compassion really means and how it’s far from being soft and fluffy, in fact, compassion can be quite fierce! You’ll also be invited to try a short-guided meditation practice towards the end of the session. All you need to bring is an open mind.
Five takes outs delegates will get from this session:
1. Understanding basic neuroscience.
2. Understanding what’s really going on ‘under the bonnet’ on a biochemical level.
3. How Mindfulness improves mental health, focus, attention, memory and emotional intelligence.
4. Mindfulness and Compassion are described as being two wings of the same bird. What does this means?
5. The research.

Session duration: 2 hours

Session date & time: 6-8pm, 22 March 2022

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