The video, entitled ‘If You Could Change,’ depicts scenarios in which the police deliver life-changing news to the families of four road victims, each killed in a crash involving a ‘Fatal Four’ causation factor – speeding, using a mobile phone while driving, drink and drug driving and failing to wear a seatbelt.

Produced by Bedfordshire Road Safety Partnership, the film was based on a vision by Road Safety Manager Tim Oxley, who wrote the script along with his 17-year-old son Adam, a sixth form media studies student.

The video, produced by First Car, became an in-house team effort, featuring real police officers and staff, including PC Abbie Netherton and PC Stewart Robertson.

Other stars of the film include Richard Hann, Road Safety Operations Manager, and Gareth Emanuel, Camera Operations Co-ordinator, for Beds, Cambs and Herts, who all worked alongside professional actors to bring the story to life.

Music producer, Mark Kesler, was also involved and created the film’s poignant soundtrack.

Tim Oxley, Road Safety Manager for Central Bedfordshire Council and a former police officer himself, said: “The idea came from my time as a police officer delivering these messages. It’s something that always stays with you.

“You debrief after traumatic incidents but never after delivering these messages. You see the impact and devastation they have on families.

“The video still triggers emotion each time I see it, but I also have a feeling of pride and achievement that it is giving out a positive safety message.”

The film, which cost £12,000 to create, was produced after casualty data showed that the majority of deaths and injuries that occurred on the roads of Bedfordshire in recent years involved the ‘Fatal Four’ causation factors.

‘If You Could Change’ will be shown to young people across Bedfordshire through the county’s young driver course and the National Citizen Scheme. The film will also be used in sixth form colleagues and shown to local businesses.

Hazel Robertson, Head of the Cameras, Tickets and Collisions unit for Beds, Herts and Cambs, said: “I am delighted with the film which Tim and the team have worked incredibly hard on.

“I hope that ‘If You Could Change’ will impact on the behaviour of all road users in Bedfordshire and beyond, and help to make our roads safer by reducing the number of injuries and collisions.

“Let’s hope it stops a police officer from having to do the toughest job there is.”

The partnership is happy for other forces or local authorities to use the video and apply their own branding in order to increase exposure of the film. Please contact to access the video.

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