NASP is urging the government to reconsider the decision to terminate B+E testing in light of serious road safety concerns and the disastrous impact on the livelihood of B+E trainers –  and wants trainers to similarly involve their MPs in lobbying government.

NASP has previously written to ministers detailing their concerns, as well as offering possible alternative solutions aimed at maintaining a level of testing and training whilst helping the transport industry expedite driver recruitment. The national associations partnership is now urging members to use a template they have prepared to write to their local MP.

Both the original letter to ministers and the template for trainers to their own MP are downloadable below.

NASP has also written to the business and transport ministers and Baroness Vere, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport.

Lynne Barrie, current NASP Chair

NASP consists of ADINJC, DIA, MSA GB

For the template to write to your MP click here.

To read the letter to the Ministers please click here.