In response to feedback and concern expressed about forthcoming changes to the Highway Code, the National Associations Strategic Partnership (NASP) has released the following statement:

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Firstly it is important to note that these revisions still have to be approved by Parliament.

Secondly we would like to make it clear NASP shares in the frustration of our members at the lack of communication on these developments, and the lack of guidance as to when these changes will come into effect.

We spoke with DVSA this week (as we have previously on this matter) and made it clear that, given the impact these changes will have on trainers, their pupils and upcoming practical tests, it is imperative that the industry receives guidance as a priority.

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We have also expressed concerns as to the efficacy of these changes in practice and flagged areas where we feel the changes may even cause road safety issues. For example, we have highlighted changes which grant priority to vulnerable road users in certain scenarios. NASP feels the risk here is that vulnerable road users could automatically assume all road users are aware of this priority which could lead cyclists and pedestrians to abdicate responsibility for their own risk to motorists. We have urged DVSA/DfT to ensure any communications surrounding the revisions to the Code impress upon vulnerable road users they still need to be responsible about the risks they face and not assume that every road user will follow the Code or know about the changes.

Over, but not out

We also have particular concerns that granting pedestrians priority at junctions could lead to rear end collisions.

We have asked DVSA to provide a clear breakdown of the changes to the industry as soon as possible – rather than key stakeholders in the delivery of road safety education having to rely on the media, and their interpretation of the changes, for this information.

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