Lynne Barrie has stepped down as Chair of ADINJC.

Having been in the position for over 10 years, she has overseen plenty of change over the years. As a stalwart and energetic leader in the industry, she’s led the line representing all ADIs’ interests. Her dedication to the industry is an impressive legacy.

Tough act to follow

When Lynne took over the reins the ADINJC it was drifting and in a poor financial state. Her time in office has seen the association regenerated and energised, growing in numbers and influence.

A founder member of NASP, Lynne has helped bring the industry together. Not only that, but she contributed to creating an effective platform for negotiation and discussion with DVSA. Always ready to help and a sympathetic ear, she is regarded as a ‘tower of strength’.

While she’s stepping down from the top job, she’s not leaving the ADINJC or the industry. Lynne will remain on the Governing Committee of the ADINJC, not to mention working as an ADI, industry author and training specialist. She will also be continuing work on the association’s Expo and Conferences, training, while ‘ensuring the smooth handover to the new Chair’.

The new face

The new Chair of the ADINJC is Charles Moffat. He has been a key member of their Governing Committee since 2015.  He formerly served in the Police and has invaluable experience and knowledge about legal procedures.

A spokesperson commented that “his knowledge, help and support has already helped a number of our members who had been experiencing problems.

“Charles also has a strong business ethic and intends to develop a sustainable ADINJC, here for the future and building on the success of Lynne’s stewardship”.