If you ever travel along the M11, you may be interested in the new figures released by Highways England in regards to M11 road traffic collisions. The data is from 2010 to 2017, which is the most recent data they can reveal. The data for 2018 will not be available until later this summer so it can be properly validated.

The data reveals that 927 of the collisions that occurred between junctions to 6 and 14 involves cars and goods vehicles were involved in 110. 34 motorcycles were involved.

Of those collisions, 438 collisions involved cars between junctions 6 and 8, with 10 motorcycles being involved in the accidents.

Between junction 6 and 14 there were fourteen fatalities with six of these occurring between junction 6 and 8. Of the six fatalities, five of these were in a car and one in a motorbike.

Of the fourteen fatalities, eight of these were in a car, with 3 of these between junctions 6 and 7.

If you’re interested in the full stats released by Highways England, please view the full document here.