Road Safety

Road deaths ‘broadly flat’ since 2010

The 2017 figure, published today (27 Sept) by the DfT, is one death more than in 2016 (1,792) – making it the highest annual figure since 2011
Technology & Innovation

High speed 5G connection on it’s way

Internet speeds set to increase in coming years, but what does it mean for our industry?
Legislation & Regulation

New report suggests Wales should impose default 20mph limit

The report, titled ‘Decarbonising Transport in Wales’, has been published by the Institute of Welsh Affairs – an independent think-tank based in Cardiff
Road Safety

Learner Driver Week continues

Learner drivers don’t need restrictions, they want real-life scenarios

Another football star hit with a driving ban

Is it time the Professional Footballer's Association, Premier League & the clubs stepped in?
Road Safety

Learner driver week launches today

Second annual initiative is launched to celebrate and empower the UK’s learner drivers

Dodging the rules

Man spotted on dash cam driving dodgem on streets

Fuel price rises for the eleventh consecutive week

Have you factored that increase in costs into higher lesson prices?
Road Safety

Van driver facing investigation following Twitter footage upload

School boy splashed as van drives through a puddle, intentionally soaking him