Another football star hit with a driving ban

Is it time the Professional Footballer's Association, Premier League & the clubs stepped in?
Road Safety

Learner driver week launches today

Second annual initiative is launched to celebrate and empower the UK’s learner drivers

Dodging the rules

Man spotted on dash cam driving dodgem on streets

Fuel price rises for the eleventh consecutive week

Have you factored that increase in costs into higher lesson prices?

Make Hay While…

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security while demand is high. Highs mean lows, so work to keep your business working
Road Safety

Van driver facing investigation following Twitter footage upload

School boy splashed as van drives through a puddle, intentionally soaking him

Find the best fuel prices in your local area

The easiest way to find the cheapest forecourt in your area for petrol, diesel and more is by comparing prices using a nifty free tool.

As Brexit gathers pace, more risks highlighted by the motor trade

Cars from the EU could face a significant price rise on the back of a no-deal Brexit
Road Safety

Police using new tactics to catch drivers on mobile phones

New ideas are being explored to help Police catch drivers who use their mobile phone in their car in the act

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