Is driving becoming more dangerous?

Defensive driving being taken to the next level by high profile individuals
Road Safety

Over half of drivers from Northern Ireland admit speeding

Drink driving also remains a significant problem, but are attitudes changing?

Prisoners given free driving lessons

In some cases the government is funding a scheme to improve prisoners driving skills

Parents pay out more than £2 billion a year to help their children with motoring costs, a new survey reveals

Over half (52%) of UK parents admit to helping their kids with car running costs over the last 12 months, spending an average £762 per child
Road Safety

Women are better drivers than men

The battle of the sexes has been reignited after a recent study has shown men are much more likely to be in hot water over their driving habits.

New E10 fuel is your car compatible?

Some of the UK's favourite cars might not be suitable for this new fuel type
Teaching & Training

Aberdeen instructors facing abuse over new manoeuvre

The new pulling up on the right manoeuvre is causing anger and confusion with various members of the public
Road Safety

Vision Zero Live from Continental and the IAM

Imagine a world with zero accidents, injuries or fatalities. A bold ambition that Continental and its five divisions are working toward in the UK as one of the top automotive suppliers
Technology & Innovation

Japanese instructors ready for lift off

Driving instructors in Japan are looking at new revenue streams including offering drone piloting lessons

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