Road Safety

A hole in the expenses

The pothole issue is getting deeper. That is the conclusion of the latest report by KwikFit. Repairing damage caused by…


I screen, you screen, we all scream

The evolution of tech interfaces in our cars is not appealing to drivers. Knobs, buttons and touchscreens – what is…

Legislation & Regulation

20 and more

Wales’ Secretary for Transport has said he will consider making a “targeted change” to 20mph zones in Wales. The government…

Road Safety

Failure of smart technology

Despite repeated government assurances and substantial new investments, the safety of ‘smart’ motorways continues to be a recurring issue, raising…

Road Safety

Careless company car drivers

In a new survey, company car drivers admitted to poor driving practices. Carried out by Venson Automotive Solutions, the results…


Plugging in the public

A new trial seeks to encourage more drivers to choose electric vehicles (EVs). On-street, charging remains expensive and off-putting. However,…

Road Safety

Two wheelers see red

Cyclists have been targeted by police in London. The City of London police set up the operation at one of…

Business Opportunities

Don’t miss out

The first ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Driving Instructor Convention ’24 is fast approaching. However, the big question is about something…


Pumped up

As we all worry about the increasing global instability, so do the oil markets. The increased tensions in the Middle…

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