Road Safety

Don’t Be A Passenger

Leading driver training company, RED Driver Risk Management, is calling on all passenger fleet operators to ensure they have regular, effective professional driver training in place for all drivers

Local restrictions in Caerphilly

The government has announced that additional local restrictions will be introduced in Caerphilly to limit the spread of coronavirus.
Road Safety

New study reveals how driver’s reaction times are impacted in adverse weather conditions – you might be surprised study reveals thick fog impacts average driver’s reaction times by a huge 75%, while snow impacts reaction times by 34%

Local restrictions in Bolton

The government has announced that additional local restrictions will be introduced in Bolton to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Leading the charge on World EV Day!

Highways England is super-charging a green incentive scheme with a multi-million pound investment that allows businesses to try electric vehicles for free before they buy.

Lockdown did not reduce “most harmful” type of air pollution in Scotland

The significant reduction in vehicle journeys during the COVID-19 lockdown did not reduce the level of toxic fine particles in Scotland’s air, according to experts at the University of Stirling.

NASP Statement on test centre waiting rooms

NASP has expressed extreme disappointment and frustration at the continuing closure of Test Centre waiting rooms.
Legislation & Regulation

New timeline for Scotland’s Low Emission Zones

Low Emission Zones (LEZs) will be introduced in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen between February and May 2022, the Scottish Government has announced.
Road Safety

Driving tired kills, drivers in Scotland warned

A new campaign has been launched in Scotland to tackle the issue of driver fatigue.