Road Safety

Getting there

Where would the modern motorist be without the sat nav? It’s a question I know I have asked myself when…

Road Safety


Motorists could be unknowingly invalidating their car insurance. There are many concerns about misinformation on insurance policies, leaving motorists uninsured.…

Road Safety

Damaging driving zones

New research of official data has revealed the areas of the country where you are more likely to be involved…


Sparking world action

Love him or loathe him, Elon Musk single-handedly changed the reality of electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide. He’s quite a clever…


Government drives forward to support the motorist

The government has announced a series of new measures which it believes will “benefit motorists”. Policy changes and reviews will…

Road Safety

Causes of road collisions

 New research has revealed the top causes of road collisions in the UK. Studying the last decade of official figures…

Road Safety

Drive fast, die young

Young male drivers and excessive risk-taking, followed by death and carnage; it’s all too familiar a story. For all the…


Reliability and costs

Alternators, batteries, coil springs and water pumps were the most common car repairs. The statistics are revealed by the Warranty…


Shades of green

The UK’s favourite electric car model is the Toyota Yaris, according to new research. UK drivers licensed over half a…

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