Good news from Scotland!

Nicola Sturgeon has just announced that driving lessons will recommence on the 2th of August in Scotland.

Seven of the Oldest Roads in the World

Roads require continual maintenance to ensure they are fit for travellers but now seven of the world’s very oldest have been named.

Car modifications – what can you do?

Motoring fans are being urged to check vehicle modifications fall within the law or be prepared to pay the penalty.
Road Safety

Over a third of UK drivers avoid driving on the motorways

Over a third (37%) of UK drivers avoid driving on motorways (men 29% and women 45%), over half (52%) avoid city centres and 50% avoid parallel parking and parking on a hill.
Legislation & Regulation

IMPORTANT! – Theory test certificates MUST be brought to test

The following came out in a DVSA email. This is something that everyone needs to take note of, and should not miss!

Revealed: Facts about the UK’s first cars

The team at Dayinsure surveyed the UK public to discover more about their first cars. This fun and light-hearted survey has uncovered some fascinating facts about the UK’s first vehicles.

Update from NASP with advice on issues with booking tests (driver, rider and vocational)

NASP met earlier this week with DVSA, at NASP’s request, to discuss the ongoing difficulties with the booking system for rescheduled tests.
Teaching & Training

Revealed: Best days and times to pass your driving test in the UK

Hump day revealed as the best day to pass your driving test in the UK according to new research by

National driving school launches TikTok competition with free driving lessons up for grabs

Bill Plant Driving School have launched a fun TikTok dance competition for all to get involved with, with free driving lessons on offer as weekly prizes.