As part of the partnership, RED – the UK’s largest driving school – will provide a special price offer on driving lessons to customers when they purchase a Dash Cam from Nextbase’s award-winning Series 2 product range. Learner drivers are set to save at least £123.

This joint initiative represents the companies’ mutual drive towards safer roads, with the intention of educating more learner and young drivers about the benefits of Dash Cams. RED boasts 100,000 yearly customers, who stand to benefit from the technology, with the added protection of knowing that liability can be proven in the event of an incident. Installing a Dash Cam has also been proven to improve driving, with black box data taken by an insurance partner of Nextbase showing that owners are up to 33% safer behind the wheel.[1]

Despite these benefits, only one in ten motorists in the UK own a Dash Cam. RED and Nextbase agree that more needs to be done to educate learner drivers in the importance of road safety.

The deal is available to all purchasers of a Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cam, comprising all models from the range – the 122, 222, 322GW, 422GW and 522GW.  On visiting, customers will be invited to enter their product’s serial number to claim a discounted lesson package from RED. The very least that they can save is £123 – depending on location in the UK – on a 22-hour bundle of lessons.

Young drivers are amongst those who stand the most to gain from Dash Cam technology. Often the victims of persecution on the roads, Nextbase data shows that a third of younger drivers have been wrongly blamed for road accidents and struggled to prove they were not at fault. Having an extra pair of eyes, in the form of a Dash Cam onboard, can therefore prove invaluable in the case of a traffic incident.

The new ‘Series 2’ product range is comprised of five Dash Cams and three modular, plug-in cameras that can record the vehicle’s rear or cabin. Ease of use remains a mainstay across the new range, but each boasts an array of innovative new features. A significant first for the sector, Nextbase has introduced Alexa voice control functionality for hands free operation and an Emergency SOS mode that summons the emergency services in the event of a traffic incident.

Richard Peak, Senior Business Development Manager at Nextbase, commented, “We are committed to providing drivers of all ages with the best protection possible by developing Dash Cams that capture incidents clearly. This, coupled with our revolutionary new features within the new product range, means that our customers are safer than ever.

“It is now commonplace for motorists to use footage as proof that they weren’t at fault during incidents, but that footage needs to be of sufficient quality to fully protect the driver. Though Dash Cams are continuing to grow in popularity year-on-year, we believe that more can be done to educate on the importance of these products, and we are excited about the prospect that partnering with RED presents. If we are able to get a Dash Cam in the vehicle of a motorist from the day they start learning to drive, then it is likely that they will stick with the technology for years to come. I truly believe that this will make the roads a safer place.”

Andy Mitchell, Commercial Director at RED Driving School, added, “As technology increasingly becomes a part of the world we live in, we are championing the education of learner drivers in its use, preparing them for life on the roads. We hope that long after they have left our training programmes, the lessons we have taught them will stay with them. We therefore welcome the support of Nextbase in making Dash Cam technology available to learners, with the wider benefit of safer roads for all.”

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