A new way to breathe easier about driving.

The company NET-HERO has launched an interesting new platform for motorists. Operating on a global scale, using five languages, it allows individuals to be more environmentally responsible.

There’s a simple three step process:


Investing in the future

Utilising a database of millions of registered vehicles allows drivers to accurately calculate the greenhouse gas emissions for new and classic cars.

First, motorists enter their vehicle’s details to calculate its carbon footprint.

Secondly, they can contribute to high quality carbon projects to off-set this. NET-HERO’s offset basket has been developed with decarbonisation specialists BeZero Carbon. You pay for credits that then go into environmental projects across the globe.

Finally, motorists receive an email certificate. This can be used to showcase the status as an environmentally friendly driver.

Green for go

This is a method of turning climate awareness into practical climate action. For professional drivers, not least driver trainers, this could relieve the conscience and work as another positive marketing tool.

It all helps motorists offset internal combustion engine emissions for as little as two pence per mile. Each carbon credit contributes to ‘high quality projects’ around the world, including afforestation, restoration of peatlands and grass protection. The AAA+ rating system uses proprietary methodology for assessing the efficacy of certified carbon projects called the BeZero Carbon Rating.

Enjoying your motoring

“HERO-ERA was the first classic and vintage car event platform,”  says Tomas de Vargas Machuca, Chairman of HERO-ERA. He explains that it offers “an environmentally responsible platform in which to enjoy motoring”.

Tomas describes it as “quick, simple, and affordable for motorists to offset their vehicle emissions”.

“Whether the vehicle of choice is a Ford Focus or an E-Type Jaguar, users can offset the environmental cost of their driving from as little as 2 pence per mile and play their part in addressing the challenges to strengthening net-zero targets.”

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is a process whereby companies and/or individuals purchase carbon credits from certified projects to support their climate objectives. For example, Company A emits 10,000 tCO2e per year and wants to “offset” its emissions to become carbon neutral or support its transition to Net Zero.

Certifying carbon offset projects

Project Developers create carbon credits to help pay for Nature-based or technological interventions that generate quantifiable climate benefits.

They follow a certification process by independent bodies, such as Verra or the Gold Standard. They issue methodologies for various type of projects. Only projects that accurately follow these processes are certified, and then able to issue credits for sale.

How much does it typically cost to offset a tonne of carbon?

Carbon Credits range in prices from $1 per tonne to $1000 per tonne. The BeZero Carbon Rating ensures NET-HERO’s basket offers the highest quality credits at an attractive price point.

Types of national and international carbon offset projects invested in

A full explanation of NER-HERO’s offset portfolio can be found here – https://www.net-hero.org/assets/pdf/NET_HERO_offset_portfolio.pdf


For more information and to become a NET-HERO visit www.net-hero.org