In just under a month the industry conference season begins at the ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference and Expo South 22.

The highly successful event brings together the movers and shakers  to help you map out your future for business.


With national and international woes abound, there is no better time to gather the resources you need to move forward. With an economic crisis looming unlike anything seen in generations, keeping your business smart is essential insurance.

Whilst demand for driver training services remains at an all-time high post pandemic, we all know how fast things can change on the road. Cost of living crisis, fuel price rises and the move to electric vehicles are just a few of the potential hold-ups we face. What about the new Highway Code’s ‘hierachy of road users’ and what it means? How can you make your teaching and business more efficient and effective and robust in the face of increasing challenges?

The ADINJC/Intelligent Instructor Conference and Expo will be packed full of expert opinion and advice, as well as the theoretical and practical tool you need. If you are going to plan your route to continued success, the is a must-attend event.

Expert advice

The event has more than 25 free to attend seminar sessions. These cover everything from business advice to training techniques, the latest tech to updates from the DVSA.

Richard Hennessey, Director of Operations South, DVSA will offer an industry update and be on hand to answer a wide variety of questions.

This is your chance to get your questions answered directly by the team at the DVSA. Simply email your questions to [email protected]


You can uncover new opportunities as an ADI or PDI. Learn from visionaries, business leaders and industry thinkers who  can enthuse and energise you with their ideas and real-world examples.

Peer to peer networking

Inspire and be inspired. Expand your network with other instructors and discover answers to shared challenges face-to-face.

Tools of the trade

The expo area allows you to chat with more than 35 service providers and traders on the day too. They can reveal the latest tools to help your business, from cars and in-car training, to office, diary management and bookkeeping. What’s more, many bring with them special offers and deals just for you on the day.

Cars and caveats

There will be a large display of Electric Vehicles (EVs). More and more instructors are looking at EVs as a viable option for their next tuition car. Here you will be able to look at some that are already being used by driving instructors. The owners will be on hand to share their incredible knowledge, experience and passion, happy to answer your questions.

There will also be some specially adapted vehicles to look at. The Disability Driving Instructor group will be available to tlk about the important area of work, answer your questions and perhaps steer you into another lucrative a feel good area of driver training.

All aboard The Hazard Express

The Leicestershire Fire Service will be there to offer a fully immersive 360 degree experience to raise road safety awareness in their kitted out VR van. Designed to help educate young drivers using the hi-tech tools they easily relate too, the experience could also help you understand more about everyday road safety.

Speeding, using a mobile device, not wearing a seatbelt, drink & drug driving, try it out yourself!

Overflowing with facts, figures and FUN

However, the event is not only a chance for driving trainers to network, learn and build one’s business. It’s an escape from the car, a great day out and full of fun. Socialising and learning, sharing your experiences and stories with like minded teachers. But even more importantly, its absolutely FREE to attend!

Not been before, why not watch a short video of a previous event here?

Now what’s holding you up? Join your industry at Kempton Park Racecourse Sunday, May 8, 2022.

Register here for your free ticket.