The Department for Infrastructure has published findings of a recent survey of drivers from Northern Ireland, with some shocking results.

This follows the stats shared by the Belfast Telegraph that 80,000 speed offences we’re recorded in 2017 (80 a day).

The report surveyed 3,262 adults over the age of 16. 44% admitted exceeding speed limits on motorways and 29% admitting the same for dual carriageways.

Joshua Harris of road safety charity Brake insisted that while almost half of drivers surveyed said they typically never exceed speed limit, those who do are a danger.

“With the majority of drivers admitting to speeding, it is clear that decisive action is needed to make our roads safe,” he said.

Although the findings of the survey also show that motorists are more likely to obey the law in ‘built-up’ areas, where only 3% claim to speed, he insisted limits should be adhered to across the board.

“Speeding is dangerous, selfish and it endangers road users; a car is a lethal weapon and any error at speed can result in catastrophic consequences,” Mr Harris said.

“We urge the government to invest more in roads policing and for the police to crackdown heavily on those who speed, letting drivers know that if they break the law, they will get punished.”

Over 20% of those surveyed admitted driving the morning after a night our drinking (4 or more drinks for women and 5 or more drinks for men), however there are some positives to take from the data. Over 90% of respondents believed the police should have the power to seize a vehicle in the individual has been drink or drug driving. And over 70% of people believed a 20mph limit should be imposed outside all schools and children’s play areas.

You can read the full report on the Belfast Telegraph website – here