Marmalade Network

Increased earning potential. Superb member benefits

For over four years Marmalade Network has focused on working with, supporting and rewarding, driving instructors. We provide a totally free service that can help you boost your income with a comprehensive commission structure and allow you to make savings on your day to day business requirements.

From affordable business breakdown cover to a legal support helpline, Marmalade Network gives access to a superb range of greatly discounted benefits, specially chosen to assist in the smooth running of your business. Aside from all that, our dedicated driving instructor support team is at the end of the phone happy to answer your questions, and if they’re unable to help, they’ll signpost you to an expert in the field who can!

Instructor cars

We have recently added a range of both manual and automatic cars to Marmalade Network’s offering. You can find your next instructor vehicle by browsing a wide range of brand new, dual controlled tuition cars, all with low deposits and flexible payment options. The application process is simple and quick, just visit Instructor cars to find out more.

Our staff are proud to help run Marmalade Foundation. After Umbrage and Anna’s Hope are organisations currently receiving charitable donations via Marmalade Foundation and ADIs like yourself.

When instructors forego the commission they’ve earned from insurance policies bought by their pupils through Provisional Marmalade Ltd, Marmalade Foundation matches these donations pound for pound. We are often astounded by the generosity of our instructors who want to give something back to the community.


Here are some FAQs about Marmalade Network to guide you. Should you need any further information please call us on 0333 323 2615 (Mon – Fri between 9am and 5pm) or send an email to

• How do I join you?
Registration is easy and free. Simply click here and fill in your details on the form that appears. If you’d prefer you can call the number above and we’ll sign you up while you’re on the line.

• What do I do then?
Simply hand out our leaflets, booklets or cards to your pupils so they can see all the products Marmalade has to offer.

• How can I be sure I’ll get any commission that’s owed to me?
Every young person that buys a policy tells us how they heard about Marmalade. When your pupil selects ‘Driving Instructor’ from the drop-down menu that appears, provided you’re registered to Marmalade Network, they’ll type in your name and it will link automatically for payment.

You can see all commissions earned in the ‘my account’ section of the Marmalade Network website. If you think a pupil may have bought a policy but not mentioned you, let us know, as we can link the sale manually. Payments are made monthly by BACs.

• How can I be a more active member and earn even more commission?
1. You can have direct links to the Wearemarmalade site from your social media so that each pupil who accesses via that is automatically linked to you.
2. You can request more booklets and leaflets and hand them out generously – they work!
3. Some ADIs give presentations at schools or colleges or attend young driver groups. If you do that, let us know, we can send a nice big bundle of booklets to you.

• This all seems too good to be true, what’s the catch?
There isn’t one. Marmalade is there for every step of a young driver’s journey and Marmalade Network is on the side of ADIs nationwide!

• Do you have a Facebook group?
We have a closed Facebook group – Marmalade Driving Instructor Group.

A final note

Our sister company Marmalade has long championed young drivers, helping them take to the road with affordable insurance policies and enabling them to stay safe with smart, black box technology, and we are immensely proud to work alongside our colleagues offering a similarly first class service to driving instructors across the UK. Nick Moger, founder, sums up the Marmalade Network’s intention when he says: “Ideally we’d like driving instructors to feel part of a specialist network, that they have someone to turn to for answers and feel fully supported and rewarded. In turn, we hope they will be proud to be a part of the Marmalade Network”.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Network!