Eighteen pedestrian crossings in the capital will be programmed to show a continuous green signal to pedestrians.

Usually the green light for road traffic is the default. However, until traffic approaches, the priority will be toward people walking.


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The ‘Green Person Authority’ traffic signals are designed to make it easier for people to cross the road . These will be installed as part of the Capital’s drive to be ‘the world’s most walkable city’.

Locations include Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hounslow, Richmond and Hillingdon – and will be installed at a further 11 locations over the coming weeks.

TfL (Transport for London) says a number of factors have influenced the signal locations. These include high pedestrian flow, proximity to pedestrian destinations such as shopping centres, stations and schools, and suitability of existing technology.

Identifying more new locations will take place over the coming years. These will lead to the conversion of further crossings.

Will Norman, London’s walking and cycling commissioner, said: “Walking has so many benefits – it doesn’t just enable us to get from A to B, but also improves our mental and physical health.

“We know that safety is a key concern for people walking around London, and giving pedestrians priority is a powerful way of putting them first and making it easier to cross London’s roads.”


Working walking

The number of journeys made on foot has ‘hugely increased’ throughout the pandemic. TfL data this year shows that 31% of Londoners say they are walking more. This replaces the using alternative forms of transport.

Meanwhile, 57% say they now go on more walks for exercise or walk for longer than they did before.