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Operation Drive Insured will see officers crack down on the estimated 40,000 uninsured motoristscurrently driving illegally on the country’s roads.

Run in partnership with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), the campaign includes operations that will seize any vehicles on the road without valid insurance.

MIB estimate that 130 people are killed and over 26,000 are left injured every year in the UK by motorists driving uninsured vehicles.

Superintendent Louise Blakelock, Deputy Head of Road Policing at Police Scotland, said tackling uninsured motorists is a priority for both the force and the MIB.

She said: “During this campaign we will increase our focus, to not only detect, but hopefully deter motorists from driving with no insurance.

“Legislation is there to protect all road users and if a vehicle is driven without a valid insurance policy, in common with other road traffic offences, there is an obvious road safety risk.”

Neil Drane, head of enforcement at MIB, added: “A driver with no valid insurance has no legal right to be on the road and removing them undoubtedly makes roads safer.”

As well as making the roads unsafe, MIB calculates that uninsured hit-and-run drivers who aren’t traceable cost law-abiding motorists around £400 million in insurance premiums.

If you’re caught driving without sufficient insurance, you face a minimum fixed penalty fine of £300 and six penalty points on your licence.

If your case is deemed to be more serious, you could be prosecuted in court where you could be hit by an unlimited fine, a driving ban and the police could seize and destroy the vehicle — even if it’s not yours.

If you suspect someone of driving without insurance, you can report it to your local police force or call Crimestoppers anonymously.

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