TISPOL has launched a new resource library ahead of Project EDWARD 2018, with materials to help road safety officers promote the event and share key messages.

TISPOL’s long-term aim is to use Project EDWARD to spearhead significant and sustained reduction in death and serious injury on roads across the world.

Project EDWARD 2018, which takes place on 19 September, was launched in June – with the target of reaching more than 50 million social media users.

The new suite of resources that TISPOL has unveiled today (17 Aug) is available for any individual or organisation to use.

Among the resources is a social media calendar which provides a road safety message suitable for use on Twitter, for each day from 1-19 September. Each tweet is accompanied by an image, which is also available in the library.

The resource library also includes a press release, posters, flyers, banners and other branding.

Ahead of the event, TISPOL is also encouraging supporters to record and publish a video message. The resource library includes a A4 sized banner – with the Project EDWARD logo – that can be displayed during the recording.

For more information about Project EDWARD 2018, contact James Luckhurst via email.