Car Reviews

Toyota Yaris Hero

Toyota Yaris

The current Yaris is the third iteration of a car that first went on sale in 2011. As such it’s getting long in the tooth
Suzuki Baleno Hero

Suzuki Baleno

This small family hatch is the same size as a Corsa or Fiesta but feels bigger inside – not quite as big as a Focus or Astra, but not far off. What’s really impressive about the Baleno is how much you get for your money
Vauxhall Corsa Hero

Vauxhall Corsa

Few cars are as important to the world of driving instruction as the Vauxhall Corsa. For years this supermini, one of the UK’s most popular, has been a staple of driving schools and instructors across the nation
Skoda Fabia Hero

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia has always been a likeable car, and thanks to its use of Volkswagen Group technology it’s always been a very competent one too
Audi A3 Hero

Audi A3

If you’re looking to impress your pupils, a posh badge will do the trick, and in the affordable world Audi’s four-ringed badge is as posh as they come
Peugeot 2008 Hero

Peugeot 2008

Sharper looks make the 2008 appear more modern but ultimately this is still just a high-riding supermini, which is why it might be just the job for your pupils
Mini Cooper Hero

Mini Cooper

The original Mini was the world’s first classless car and the 21st century edition is no different thanks to the opportunity to choose pretty much whatever spec you want, from cheap to very costly
Honda Jazz Hero

Honda Jazz

If you’re a typical ADI in that you have one car for everything – both teaching and yourself – the Jazz could be very appealing. Easy to drive, brilliantly reliable and very practical, the Jazz tends to be cheap to run
DS3 Hero


Don’t use the C-word! The car in these pictures is absolutely not a Citroen; instead it’s a DS. As such, this car is little more than a revamped version of the car we’ve known and loved since its introduction in 2010

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