Throughout the day, we were encouraging delegates to take part in the Scalextric track, in association with Bill Plant Driving School, in order to help raise money for Speed of Sight, the chosen charity of the conference & expo.

We can now reveal the top 5 were as follows (drum roll please!):

  1. Paul Caddick 1.15.16
  2. Dan Hill 1.15.32
  3. Chris Bishop 1.19.49
  4. Ramzi Mansoor 1.25.27
  5. Graham Hobbs 1.27.97

In the top 5 list you may recognise Paul Caddick, our esteemed Editor here at Intelligent Instructor and Chris Bishop of Bill Plant Driving School. Both have very graciously given up their prizes in order for others to receive the prizes.

The top 3 times will receive a bottle of bubbly from the ADINJC and ‘Qualified: The Guide to Becoming an Approved Driving Instructor’ – a new book from Bill Plant Driving School. Find out more about the new book here.

We managed to raise an incredible £1,000 for Speed of Sight, with the help of Bill Plant Driving School who were paying for all race entrants in the afternoon. Furthermore, Bill Plant Driving School also gave a further donation which managed to get the total to the £1,000 mark. We’re so grateful for their help in raising money for such a good cause.

Chris Bishop, Consultant for Bill Plant Driving School commented on the success of the day “Rather than just have a typical event stand or hand coffee out we wanted to really engage with the visitors and put a smile on the faces of everyone at the Intelligent Instructor Conference and boy did we! The stand was busy throughout the day with a mixture of those looking to train to become a driving instructor with Bill Plant Driving School alongside those wanting to enquire more about our award-winning franchise.

“Throughout the conference and awards drinks reception we saw over a hundred races using our limited edition Bill Plant Driving School VW Scalectrix Fleet around our track. False starts, crashes, pit lane chaos, cheating, tears – and that was just the ‘friendly’ race between the teams at Bill Plant Driving School and Intelligent Instructor! Social media was awash with photos and videos of the track and the great and the good of the ADI Industry had so much fun throughout the day whilst we raised donations for the Speed of Sight charity.

“Alongside the ADINJC we were delighted to raise a total of £1,000 for the Speed of Sight. They are doing fantastic things and it was our honour to help generate donations and awareness of the charity to those who visited our stand and raced around the Bill Plant Driving School arena!”

Lynne Barrie, Chairman of the ADINJC, commented on the money raised “We are delighted to have raised £1,000 for Speed of Sight during this year and at the expo. Thanks must go to Bill Plant Driving School for their part in helping to sponsor the Scalextric and free laps on the day of the expo. The money is certainly going to a wonderful charity and ADINJC are proud to be involved in helping them.”

John Galloway, Co-Founder of Speed of Sight was delighted with the money raised! “We thought the Scalextric was a great idea and a fantastic way of getting people to interact.  It was a lot of fun and very engaging.  We thank Bill Plant Driving School for sponsoring and paying for the Scalextric.

“We work tirelessly all year to fundraise so that we can provide life-changing driving experiences for people with disabilities. £1000 will enable us to provide 10 experiences.”

For more information on Speed of Sight and the incredible work they do with blind and disabled people, please visit them here and for more information on Bill Plant Driving School, please visit them here.