The car and van experts at have advised drivers to wash their vehicle every two or three weeks and remove bird poop and splattered insects as soon as they can in order to keep paintwork fresh and shiny.

To remove the most stubborn stains, drivers should tackle them using a clay bar, whilst applying a paint sealant once or twice a year will create a protective layer, shielding paintwork from scratches and fading.

Tim Alcock from said: “For petrolheads and enthusiasts, washing their beloved vehicle will be as much a part of the weekly routine as mowing the lawn or enjoying a Sunday roast.

“But for the vast majority of us, washing and polishing our cars is a real chore – yet it’s important to do in order to keep paintwork fresh and bright.

“Clay bars are also great to remove stubborn stains, and applying a sealant once or twice a year will creative a protective layer over the paintwork, shielding it from the elements.”

Remove dirt and marks as soon as you can

Things like bird poop and splattered insects are not only unsightly, but also slightly corrosive too, and the longer they’re left on your vehicle, the greater the damage can become. A specialised insect removed will stop insects from sticking to the vehicle’s paintwork, so they can simply be wiped away when the vehicle is washed. Some car cleaning solution and a wet cloth will get rid of bird mess too.

Remove tar and sap using a clay bar

To remove the most stubborn stains on paintwork, tackle them using a clay bar. This is pretty much what it sounds like – a lump of clay-like material. When you run this over paint, often with water or a special lubricant, it harmlessly lifts away nasty deposits from the paint. It’s a surprisingly easy job, and will leave the surface feeling mirror-smooth.

Wash regularly

Washing your car regularly is one of the best ways to protect the paintwork – but be sure to stay away from dish soap! Instead use a high-quality, purpose designed solution and apply it with a foam sponge. Then, rub down with a fine-grad car wash Mitt and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Opt for a microfibre towel to wipe dry afterwards. Washing every 2-3 weeks is recommended.

Polish regularly

Car polish contains micro-fine abrasives which gently clean the paint surface without damaging it, whilst simultaneously preserving the freshened paint and protects it against the weather.

Apply paint sealant

You only have to apply it once or twice a year, but it will protect your vehicle’s paint work by creating a protective layer over it. You have to mix a bonding agent with the sealant, and the measure is normally 1 tablespoon of the agent in ½ cup of sealant. Increase or decrease the amount depending on the size of your vehicle but it’s important to keep that 4:1 ratio. Apply the mixture in a circular motion on one section at a time. When it changes the texture, rub with a towel in the same circular motion.

Touch up any chips

A franchised car dealer will be able to sell you a special touch-up paint kit which perfectly matches your car’s colour and is easy to apply. By sealing in the metalwork that’s been exposed by stone chips, you’ll prevent corrosion