According to reports from the BBC, Graham Shapps, the Transport Secretary, has told MPs “We know people are dying on smart motorways”.

He said recommendations are expected “in a matter of weeks” to ensure all motorways are “as safe as they possibly can be”.

This comes after Highways England’s Jim O’Sullivan warned “dynamic” smart motorways are “too complicated” for drivers. He also advised that he doesn’t think he’ll be building any more of these motorways, as motorists do not understand them.

The Transport Secretary went on to say that “I have asked my department to carry out at pace an evidence stock-take to gather the facts quickly and make recommendations.”

He said his department would lead the review “because some of the statistics have been difficult to understand, and we know people are dying on smart motorways”.

He added: “Understanding whether they are less safe, the same or safer – it turns out not to be as straightforward as members might imagine – I want all of those facts and recommendations that can be put into place to ensure that all of our motorways are as safe as they possibly can be.

“I will get this done in a matter of weeks.”

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