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Francis is a driving Instructor and content creator with a passion for YouTube. After realising that there is a perception around driving instructors as being stuffy and intimidating, Francis wanted to show that learning to drive can be fun. However, while he could do that for his own students, it did not feel like enough. He decided to start a YouTube channel to extend his reach. He has worked with Get licensed driving school, TV starts, influencers and now intelligent instructor. He has gained a wealth of experience and training from industry experts in the use of social media and YouTube to grow a brand and a community around what he does.

What are your thoughts on social media?

Do you Tiktok? Are you all about the ‘gram’? Or is it just a foreign language to you? In this session, we explore the use of social media in young people, your target market, and how screen time has increased over the years. You will get an insight into what the different platforms offer to your target market, how to use social media to reach them and how that ties into your business plan.

Five takes outs delegates will get from this session:

  1. Understand the different social media channels
  2. Insight into the role social media plays for your target market
  3. Understand how to use social media to reflect your brand
  4. Know how to use social media to reach new pupils
  5. Dos and don’ts of social media

Session date: 24th June 21

Session time: 6-8pm

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