A message from the LDTM in Sector 104, Zone C, Andrew Griffiths –

I’m sure like me you have been horrified by some of the images on the news about the situation in Ukraine, and many of you have been talking about ways to help and what we can do. DVSA and DfT have officially given their support for the Ukraine people, and I would love for us to help in some small way. Ukrainian churches and charities in England have told us that as much as they appreciate the gesture, they do not want any more physical goods. People in the UK been so generous that warehouses, churches and community centres are full of ‘stuff’, the problem is logistics/red tape in getting this to where it is needed. The charities are simply asking for money.

So, we are keeping it really simple – 22nd March 2022 will be ‘Two Ukraine with Love’ day.

On this day, please pay/be sponsored to wear two items (one yellow and one blue). All donations will go the Civil Service’s chosen Ukraine charity which is the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Appeal.

A helping hand

Wouldn’t it be great to see all ADI cars decked in blue and yellow, with  students in the Ukraine colours too?

Perhaps they could get people to sponsor them to wear blue and yellow and donate to the appeal.

So, look out your two items of clothing – one blue, one yellow. Let’s show our support for the people of Ukraine on 22nd March.

Take a stand, even sitting (behind the wheel) like this Russian woman on the Moscow subway, showing her support for Ukraine.