The DVSA has announced a raft of Test Centre closures.

Making the announcements, the DVSA make the following statement:

We have tried to keep the number of tests affected to a minimum. Any tests affected by this closure will be moved to another local test centre, and candidates will receive an email notification from DVSA confirming the new location of the test.

You need to tell your pupil about the change if you booked the test for them and it is affected.

This is also where affected examiners will be working from, following the closure.

Why this is happening

DVSA is committed to providing value for money to its fee-paying customers and offering the best, most efficient service possible.

This centre is closing because the cost of running this test centre can be saved and the same service can be provided from the Greenham test centre.

There will be no tests cancelled as a result of the changes, and the number of tests available locally will stay the same.

Learners will continue to receive the same good service from Greenham. They can practise on any roads and should not need to learn to drive at a test centre location.

These have been made to about the following Test Centre closures.  Please check if it is one you currently use, we understand DVSA have written to ADIs in these areas as well. We will pass on any questions to DVSA and we do understand the impact this will have and the concerns of ADIs trying to run a business.

Test Centres closing

Further details

Ashford, Middlesex





South Shields

Southampton, Forest Hills