The Intelligent Instructor awards are back!

Save the date... after this uncertain period, we'll all need a good celebration
Legislation & Regulation

A sign of things to come in the UK? Isle of Man will tax electric vehicles in 2020

A new electric vehicle tax will hit the Isle of Man from April 2020 to cover lost fuel tax revenue from petrol and diesel vehicles.

New MOT rules for 2020

Since it's introduction in 1968, the MOT test has been millions of tests have been carried out, but new changes are arriving this year
Road Safety

Scotland prepares new road safety framework

Transport Scotland is gearing up to produce a new Road Safety Framework, with a consultation on the new document expected early this year.
Legislation & Regulation

Roadside litter: Law change could see car owners fined

A law could be changed to punish people who throw litter out of car windows, putting highway workers' lives at risk.