20mph speed limit


Speed limit success

Despite the initial outcry about the new default 20mph limit across Wales, it appears to be working. Most motorists are…

Road Safety

Wales puts it foot down

Wales has now made the default speed limit in urban areas 20 mph instead of 30mph. It follows four years…

Road Safety

Low enforcement, slow effectiveness

The effectiveness of 20 mph speed limits has again been called into question by new research. However, beyond the headlines,…

Road Safety

Welsh 20 mph speed limits garners public support

As the Welsh government looks to roll out a default 20mph speed limit in urban areas, new research claims the…

Road Safety

20 mph limits to be enforced

A first of its kind speed enforcement is about to get underway. The London local authority will issue fines to…

Road Safety

20mph limits gain popularity

Support for a default 20mph limit on all urban roads rises. A new survey from IAM RoadSmart suggests that more…

Road Safety

Global road safety week

May is the month of the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week. This is a bi-annual event is organised by…

Road Safety

20mph speed limits are ignored by drivers unless paired with speed humps

Researchers found that roads which enforce ‘speed zones’ – using humps or chicanes as well as 20mph signage – reduce…

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