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Car insurance

Covering up

Driving instructors now have an opportunity to get insurance cover designed specifically for them, their business and at an affordable…


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On course for a great insurance deal with Adian Flux

Adrian Flux, the UK's largest specialist motor insurance broker, marks a glorious 50 years of business in 2023.
Road Safety

Benefits of the black box

An insurance company’s black box has been hailed as life-saving technology. This comes after analysis revealed it is dramatically slowing…

Teaching & Training

Parents and their cars under pressure

The pandemic and lockdowns has forced learners into parental lessons. Not only that, but the family cars have become the…

Teaching & Training

New drivers’ confidence hit during lockdown

The pandemic has not just adversely affected driving instructors, but also their students. Having spent much of the last year…

Legislation & Regulation

Uninsured driver hotspots in England and Wales revealed

Across all regions in England and Wales, the report reveals that West Yorkshire had the highest number of uninsured drivers per 1,000 people in 2019

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