Road Safety


More than a third of motorists feel anxious behind the wheel. What is more, almost half (43%) of this group…

Teaching & Training

Scoring in the learning process

A recent video circulated on social media showed footballer Gabriel Jesus taking a driving lesson. This took place outside of…

Road Safety

Top driving anxieties

There is light at the end of the tunnel that is lockdown with Boris Johnson announcing his roadmap. Gradually the…


Mind Over Matter

Mindfulness can be a brilliant ingredient in the recipe for safer drivers. So believes ADI Sandra Harper, especially when it…


Depression, stress and anger can make drivers more likely to have accidents

More than 2000 people (2090) around the UK were asked about the links between state of mind and driving behaviour…

Legislation & Regulation

People with hidden disabilities can access Blue Badges for the first time

Extension to Blue Badge scheme comes into force in England today for people who have non-visible disabilities, making travel easier…

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