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Road Safety

It takes the average Briton up to 6 months to drive on the motorway after passing their driving test

Britons who passed their test before lessons were allowed on the motorway, take an average of 6 months to drive on the motorway with a full driving licence.

National driving school launches TikTok competition with free driving lessons up for grabs

Bill Plant Driving School have launched a fun TikTok dance competition for all to get involved with, with free driving lessons on offer as weekly prizes.

Driving Lessons and Training postponed at Bill Plant Driving School due to Coronavirus

The difficult decision has been taken to postpone all Driving Lessons and Training by 8pm on 23rd March at the latest, with the exception of teaching key workers

Bill Plant Driving School selects C&A Mackie Insurance Brokers

Commencing immediately C&A Mackie Insurance Brokers and Bill Plant Driving School will work together to provide the most comprehensive and…

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